Subject: Letter of Recommendation
May 20, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Stately Masonry just finished a large remodeling project on our house. Now that the job is done, I have to say they exceeded every expectation we had.

Picking a masonry contractor was difficult for this job because I worked construction for over 20 years as a foreman and superintendant. Because of this I am very picky as to whom I would hire to work on my own house. After personal recommendation of roofing & siding expert Dan Perkins I reviewed several local jobs that Matt Somero, owner of Stately Masonry had completed, along with some of the local competition’s work. I must say there are some good masons around, but Matt’s work stands out as pure artwork. He learned old school craftsmanship restoring historic buildings in Boston and new construction efficiency in Minneapolis.

Matt puts his talents to work in stone, brick and block work. After several meetings with Matt, he helped us choose what stone work would best suit our house and what areas to accent. To say the least, Matt’s work has had an amazing impact on the appearance of our house and the property value.

Matt has worked here in the rain, snow and heat, never letting up. He is strong as an ox and never seems to quit. I wish Matt worked for me! I would highly recommend Stately Masonry for your next project, large or small, and I know you will be as happy as we are. If you have any questions please let us know or schedule a visit yourself.

Robert Taylor
224 Johnson lake rd
Gwinn MI 4984