About Us

Artful and Superior Craftmanship

Stately Masonry is a family-owned and operated masonry construction company. We deliver superior craftsmanship and honest, high-quality work from start to finish. Our goal is to provide professional, artful and economical services to the homes and businesses of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Matt Somero, Owner and Mason of Stately Masonry, honed his skills as mason in and around Boston, MA where he cultivated his talent for restoration and detail work. Somero’s experience restoring some of the nations oldest homes and historical buildings taught him the methodical and creative aspects of the trade. After working in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area where new homes and businesses require less restoration and more construction and efficiency, he’s learned to also work economically and promptly. Now, at Stately Masonry, Somero has taken what he’s learned through the years and instilled them in the company, working economically and efficiently, while still practicing the scrupulous detail work ingrained in him.

Joelle Somero, Co-owner and Manager, performs office operations and offers design services. She enjoys working with her husband, Matt, and balances her time between keeping everything running smoothly at Stately Masonry, providing art and design services for clients and keeping up with her four kids at home.